Having trialled the 24//7 topics a number of times, we have found them to be relevant and engaging. The students enthusiastically participate and the effect of the lessons across our school has been profound with students taking on board the lessons into the classroom and the playground.

Brett Tanner
Deputy Principal, St James Cygnet Tasmania

The units are relevant and accessible at a variety of learning levels. The students found them fun and interesting and the flow on to our school community has seen the emergence of the positive MJR language. This, in turn, has helped us with behavioural issues and especially positive relationships. 

Susan Connor
Teacher, St James Cygnet Tasmania

Making Jesus Real is a programme that invites students to encounter the gospel message through student engagement. The lessons equip teachers with strategies to promote interactive discussions, healthy dialogue and participation.

Teacher Aide,
Sacred Heart College, New Town ,Tasmania

It doesn’t matter where students have come from or where they are going. Students encounter Jesus where they are, and the lessons encourage them to view things from different perspectives.

MJR 24/7 challenges students to reflect upon how the gospel message is relevant to them. If something grabs them, then they run with it and the Word is proclaimed in new and exciting ways.

Melissa Brown
Director of Ministry, Sacred Heart College
New Town ,Tasmania

In our world today, young people need the opportunity to engage in meaningful, relevant dialogue to discover who they are and where they belong.

The Make Jesus Real philosophy is founding on the message of Jesus and offers students and teachers a means to deepen their understanding of the message of Gospels from their perspective.

I commend ‘MJR – 24/7’ to any school who wishes to help students deepen their personal relationship with God and nurture their relationships with their peers, their teachers, and their family.

John Mula Executive Director
Catholic Education Tasmania

Student Feedback

These relevant lessons, get straight to the point and challenge us to try and do things we didn’t think we could do. They use social media in a powerful way.  We are hearing the Gospel message in a way that we understand and that are interactive, engaging and really interesting. I feel really affirmed by the lessons as they help me to work out if I am walking along the right track in my life.

A collection of Year 9/10 Theology students testimonials
Sacred Heart New Town Tasmania

We found the lessons outstanding, relatable and relevant and they help us in everyday life. These fun lessons helped us engage with each other and with people we normally wouldn’t engage with.

Year 7/8 students
St James, Cygnet Tasmania