COMING SOON! Got some questions? We might just have the answer you’re looking for!

Good question! The topics in MJR 24/7 have been designed as complete standalone lessons. Feel free to dip into the book and select those topics that are of immediate relevance to your students. The only suggestion we would make is that you cover Topic 1 first if using with Year 7 students as it is an excellent introduction to secondary school.

MJR 24/7 has been created to visually appeal to students and offers opportunities for them to provide short but relevant answers, as well as space for journalling. Regularly occurring icons throughout the text aid visual literacy, signposting where students are expected to answer questions.

The topics have been designed as a 30 to 40 minute lesson, with scope for teachers to reduce or extend that teaching time, dependent on what elements they choose to ignore or extend. Each lesson plan – available as a downloadable PDF online – offers extension ideas and a comprehensive overview for each topic.

Each topic is supported by a lesson plan, available as a downloadable PDF on this website, HERE.